How to Choose the Best Photographer (for you)

Getting married to the love of your life is an intimate and deeply personal production. Little girls fantasize of walking down the aisle in their dream dress, gently interlocking fingers with the person they love. Little boys daydream about their perfect match, the one who will complete them… and then they grow up, and what seemed like a far off dream is now becoming a reality. During these wishful moments of thinking one may contemplate the dress, the venue, and even the rings, however, very few give careful thought to whom will be entrusted with photographing this unique moment in their life.

Finding the right photographer amongst a sea of options, can seem a daunting task. It is important to find one with experience, well versed in handling any unforeseen circumstances as your special day unfolds. Whether it be an engagement shoot, wedding day, or intimate boudoir images, finding a professional you are comfortable with that can handle any challenge with ease will make any shoot a success. So how does one choose?

Figuring out the photography style you’re into will be your first step. Do you want clean, crisp and timeless images or do you want rustic and vintage? Light, airy and whimsical or dark, moody and sensual? The best way to narrow down what style you want your wedding day to be documented in is to create a moodboard on Pinterest or Instagram. Curating a feed will allow you to narrow down what these images have in common…are they low exposure or super bright? Warm undertones or cool?

The next step is to identify the photos in which the photographer captures. Are they more traditional with poses or are they candid with unexpected movement? Do you want a more thoughtfully curated collection of images that are clean and classic or would you prefer to go about your day and have the photographer snap images without having to sit still? Some photographers can do both while also keeping in mind the need for a few select shots they wish to deliver to you, the client.

Thirdly, request to see a portfolio of a wedding day the photographer has captured in the past. Being able to see this will allow you to visualize what the photographer will capture for your wedding day and will give you the comfort knowing that they are capable of shooting in different locations, dealing with various lighting, etc. Many photographers produce a signature look, making their work highly identifiable. The elite ones accomplish this while interweaving the clients vision into the end product.

Organizational skills are another essential trait to consider, but not at the exclusion of flexibility! An organized photographer will go over the specifics and create timelines for the special day. Ex. The bride will be getting ready at 1 p.m. and will be done at 2 p.m., permitting the photographer(s) to take “getting ready” photos by 2:15.

Select a photographer who can draw out the best in you, both as an individual and as a couple, on this momentous occasion. A seasoned photographer will help set the stage for these special moments and capture reactions that are authentic to the couple.
Continuity is helpful as it pertains to having the same photographer shoot the wedding as well as the engagement session. It helps cultivate a deeper personal connection between all parties that streamlines communication on the big day.

Overall, trust your instincts. Just like when you chose your lifelong partner….”When you know, you know!”

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